Margot Holmes holding a training session

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Ask a Music Manager

Don’t know where to start with next steps to building your career, releasing new music, touring, writing a grant, showcasing and anything else?

Contact the Maverick Manager HELP LINE today for help focusing your project and music career!

One Hour Consultation: $150

Branding You

Each artist is unique and so is their brand. Who are you and what do you stand for as an artist? How is this reflected in your image from the stage to your marketing. In this workshop we define your brand by exploring who you are, or might like to be, as an artist and how to create a marketing plan and materials that are effective and on point.

Two Hour Consultation with Artist/Band: $300

Success at Self-Presenting

In order to keep performing, artists need to learn how to self-present their shows. Learn the pros & cons and how to be successful from someone that has presented 100s of concerts for audiences of 50 to 500!

One Hour Consultation: $150

Live and Virtual

Live shows, streaming, pre-recorded or hybrid concerts, how nimble you are as a performer could mean more opportunities to share your creative work. Digital is here to stay so let’s look at what you have on offer and how you might pivot to grow your performing career in the new normal.

One Hour Consultation: $150