Photo of Rick Scott & Nico Rhodes - Roots & Grooves

Rick Scott & Nico Rhodes - Roots & Grooves

Hillbilly concertos, Appalachian grooves, warm hearted humour… Veteran folk artist Rick Scott joins forces with young keyboard ace Nico Rhodes for an inter-generational smorgasbord of roots, rhythm and groove! What do you get when you combine an infamous folkie with a rising star, seasoned expertise and youthful exuberance, old school groove with Broadway chops? Rick and Nico blur all boundaries, in a word, they cook! Based on their new CD, ROOTS & GROOVES combines piano, dulcimer and vocals in highly entertaining songs of love, life and loss spiced with mastery and mischief. The alchemy of these two men 40 years apart in age is amazing audiences everywhere.

“Incredible musicians, wonderful entertainers, I loved this show.”